Enos Park Meeting Tuesday 7pm

To Enos Park Residents and Friends

Ken Winslow, interim Chief of Police, will be our guest speaker at the Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association’s meeting, Tuesday, August 13, at 3rd Presbyterian Church, North 7th Street & Bergen. As Commander of Field Operations, Chief Winslow has been actively involved in Enos Park’s safety and security programs including the neighborhood’s Landlord Support Seminars, Resident Police Officer Program, and coordination of special patrols. He will review his goals and priorities for the Police Department in his new position as interim Chief.

The program will start at 7 p.m. with refreshments and a tour of the Northside Community Children’s Library which is located in the church basement. Bring your kids! The library will remain open for the kids until the end of the meeting.

Saturday, August 10th from 11 to 1 p.m. the Community Mission Network will host Saturdays in the Park. SIU Medical School staff and students will provide physical exams, check body mass, review various immunization programs, and provide information as to how to use the Medical School’s library. Food and drinks will be provided. Everyone is welcome!

Attached is the August edition of the Banner. Lots of pictures of a lot of activities in Enos Park!

494 6668

EPNIA Monthly Meeting February 12, 7pm at the NEW County Market

Gardening and Composting

Tuesday, February 12th, 7 pm
At the New County Market, Corner of N. 2nd and Carpenter
More information: 217-494-6668 or steven combs 592@comcast.net

One of the main goals of our “Clean and Green in 2013” program is to expand our support of Kumler Church’s food pantry garden. Partnering with Kumler to enhance the garden located at the Springfield Art Association will be the starting point to recruit more participants and expand the program into composting, worm farming, and practices in water retention.

We will concentrate on recruiting more families to establish individual plots to plant and maintain throughout the growing season. A part-time supervisor, hired from within the community, will assist in the initial preparation and planting of the individual gardens. Tools, seeds, plants, compost and water will be provided. The supervisor will also oversee that each family maintains the weeding and watering of their plot.

Members of the Enos Park Garden & Composting Committee will provide instruction and training on types of plants and growing practices that should be most successful for our area and climate. Each family must commit to maintaining their plot and periodically volunteer to help with a plot designated for the Kumler food pantry.

If you would like to find out more about a specific part of the program or want to apply for a plot at the garden site on North 5th Street, you can contact the following Garden & Compost Committee members. We have approximately 12 to 15 plots at the Art Association site, but are ready to prepare more sites as needed.

  • Plot assignments: Cory Blackwell, Kumler Church, 652 5241
  • Volunteer recruitment: Dawn Mobley, EPNIA Director ,572 1500
  • Plant types & techniques: Chrissy Becker, EPNIA member, 658 2612
  • Composting: Jack Kriel, EPNIA Director, 546 5157

Meet these and other members of our Clean Green Program at the Tuesday, February 12th membership meeting at 7 p.m. The new County Market store at North 2nd Street and Carpenter will host our meeting, and you will be provided a tour of the new facility. Refreshments will be served. The public is invited.

You don’t need a Green Thumb to participate!

Deconstruction vs. Demolition – EPNIA January 2013 Monthly Meeting Tuesday, Jan 8, 7pm

Guest Speakers

Tom Napier, Karen Jacobs, Barry Jacobs, and Joe and Rebecca Dobbs
Chris Becker will update us on the progress with the architectural salvage store efforts.

Tuesday, January 8th, 7 pm
Assisi Room—St. John’s Hospital
More information: 217-494-6668

We have a great program for you Tuesday, Jan. 8th, at St. John’s Hospital, Assisi Conference Room, 7 p.m. As part of our theme for the coming year “Enos Park is going to be Clean and Green in 2013”, we have invited Tom Napier, President of the Building Materials Reuse Association, to explain “deconstruction” and how the neighborhood might adopt this approach in removing vacant and blighted property.

We currently have seven houses ready to be removed by the city over the next two months. We have already salvaged items we feel can be reused for renovation projects in the neighborhood but are considering the more expanded approach of trying to save the majority of all building materials.

In addition to Tom, we have invited Karen and Barry Jacobs, who are interested in creating a city wide movement of deconstruction, and our own neighborhood “deconstruction team”, Joe and Rebecca Dobbs, who stick by stick and brick by brick removed a vacant house next to theirs on North 8th Street (refer to their Facebook site, “Deconstructing 925”).

We’ll also have our newest Board member, Chris Becker, bring us up to date on the salvaging efforts he has undertaken on behalf of the Enos Park Development LLC as part of our Master Plan.

The January Banner identifies 10 goals for the coming year which all relate to our bigger theme, Clean and Green in 2013. We hope you’ll join us Tuesday night to find out more about these projects and how you can participate.

Please take a few minutes to visit two websites about deconstruction you may find interesting:


EPNIA Monthly Meeting August 14, 6pm

Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association will meet Tuesday, August 14th at Susie Q’s

Enos Park’s August Membership Meeting will be held at Susie Q’s Tuesday, August 14th. We’ll have a sneak preview of the new building and opportunity to help critique the menu and service for Mike and his staff. Dinner will start at 6 p.m. If you plan to join us we need you to make reservations. Susie Q’s can handle 40 EPNIA members plus 10 invited guests. Contact Steve Combs at 494 6668 or send an e-mail to steven combs 592@comcast net confirming you’ll attend.

Susie Qs will officially open Saturday, September 1.


February Membership Meeting: Historic Walking Tours

Assisi Conference Room in St. John’s Hospital
Tuesday, February 14th, 7 pm

EPNIA.com QR codePlease join us to find out more about the podcast videos, QR codes and Historical Tours being created and coordinated by the Robert Morris University students.

We will be reviewing some of their projects and how new technology can be used to revisit and revitalize our past.

Did You Know from Enos Park Banner Newsletter February, 2012
Steve Combs, President

Your smart phone can be used as your tour guide on the historic walks being prepared for Enos Park. If you have a smart phone to scan a QR code like the one to the right, you can link to a website or download and view a video about a home or distinguished resident of the neighborhood.

The QR code here links to the EPNIA website, www. EPNIA.com. Future plans may incorporate GPS technology to allow effortless access to online information based on a visitor’s location within the neighborhood.

Intern students from Robert Morris University are preparing online videos as part of the Association’s efforts to bring Enos Park’s history and people back to life. In addition to using enactors for the tour programs, we hope to set up a live enactment later in the fall as part of our Historic Homes Tour.

Stephan A. Douglas started his 1858 Senate campaign in the black walnut grove (4th and Dodge) just north of Edwards Place, Abraham Lincoln and Mary attended the 1860 wedding
of Ozias Hatch and Julia Enos at the Enos home, 1005 N 7th, his last social event in Springfield before he left for Washington, D.C., and General John McClernand, who lived at 801 N 6th, was in charge of local arrangements for Lincoln’s funeral and burial in Oak Ridge Cemetery which included the 10th Illinois Cavalry, a current enactment group.

The historic information and pictures in this newsletter have been taken from the 1997 study of Enos Park by Fever River Research, Floyd Mansberger and his staff. Additional information can be obtained from the Sangamon Valley Collection at the Lincoln Public Library.

Smart walk:Enos Park uses technology to promote its history
By Patrick Yeagle
, Illinois Times
Thursday, February 16,2012

Steve Combs just upgraded his cell phone. Combs, who is president of the Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association in Springfield, admits he’s still a bit perplexed by the shiny new device that replaced his old flip phone. But Combs is excited to learn the new technology for one reason: his neighborhood will soon feature walking tours that use cutting-edge smartphones as electronic guides.

Expected to debut sometime this year, the walking tours will use digital square barcodes called “QR codes” that smartphones can scan to bring up photos, audio or video clips, GPS-enabled maps and a variety of other interactive content. In a modern spin on the audiotape tours used in some museums, the tours will focus on historic or significant landmarks in the Enos Park neighborhood, which is located north of Springfield’s downtown. Formerly known as “the Jewel of Springfield” during the late 1800s and early 1900s, the neighborhood is undergoing a revitalization effort to restore its former luster.

“We want Enos Park to be a destination,” Combs says. “We’ve got to get people out there walking around and realizing, ‘Gee, this is pretty neat.’ We have so many houses that can contribute something from a historical or architectural standpoint. Enos Park really has a greater concentration than any other part of the city.”
Combs said he hopes to see other neighborhoods connect similar walking tours to those of Enos Park once implemented.

“We’re trying to get more people involved and attracted to certain areas,” Combs said, emphasizing possible links to the downtown area. Combs said he moved here after he retired because his son, Andy, was accepted to SIU School of Medicine in Springfield. “When I retired, Springfield would not have been on my list of places to retire to,” he says with a sly smile. “I knew nothing about Enos Park, but the more we did research and fixed up our home, the more we realized this is a unique, historical home in a very special neighborhood.”

Several different walks are planned to highlight different features in Enos Park, such as historic homes and churches, city parks, Springfield’s first horse-drawn trolley line, and Abraham Lincoln’s tomb. Students at Robert Morris University in Springfield are creating the content featured on the tours.

One such presentation, created by RMU senior Sydny Morris, focuses on Combs’ own house at 821 N. Fifth St., which was built in 1881 and owned by Guy Mathis, who opened Springfield’s first camera store in 1894. About 1,700 photographs taken by Mathis of Springfield’s people and places are contained in a collection at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library.

Combs says the tours are just part of a larger effort to make Enos Park and Springfield as a whole more attractive to tourists, families and businesses.
“Let’s change our image, change our perceptions,” Combs says. “We have to overcome the hurdles of this being a blighted neighborhood. Let’s get it straightened out and restore its image.”

Read the full story at IllinoisTimes.com…

Enos Park neighborhood to create high-tech walking tours
By JOHN REYNOLDS (john.reynolds@sj-r.com)

The State Journal-Register

Posted Feb 08, 2012

One of Springfield’s oldest neighborhoods is going high-tech with its new walking tours. The Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association is putting together four walks that people will be able to access on the association’s website via smart phone. Smart phone users will be able to view the routes on a map,and call up video podcasts with audio and text about historically significant houses or locations.

Steve Combs, president of the association, said the high-tech approach should appeal to young adults. He hopes the walks will provide an activity for tourists interested in history and highlight the positives of the neighborhood. “When the name Enos Park comes up, we don’t want people to think about drug dealers or prostitutes,” Combs said. “We want them to think about unique, historical old homes and the historically significant residents who lived there in the 1850s to early 1900s.”

University partner

Combs’ group is getting help from Robert Morris University. Students are putting together the podcasts, which could include text about the architectural significance of a house or historical information about who lived at a residence. The students also are including pictures of what the houses looked like in the past and photos of former owners, when available. In some instances, the podcasts will feature houses that have been torn down. Those podcasts will be linked to the addresses where the houses once stood. “All those gorgeous homes we lost — we can bring them back to life,” Combs said.

Robert Morris senior Stephanie Seward of Beardstown is one of the six students working on the project. She said they were given information about the houses, but also have done research of their own.

“The presentations talk about who lived there and what they did. It’s kind of like a mini tour in a video presentation,” said Seward, who’s interested in marketing and human resources.

Walk, relax, visit

All of the walks are less than a mile. One runs between Gehrmann Park, Second Street and Calhoun Avenue, and Enos Park at Seventh and Enterprise streets, and another would connect Edwards Place, 700 N. Fourth St., and the Bretz Home at 1113 N. Fifth St. Both homes are on the National Registry of Historic Sites. The other two walks connect neighborhood parks to nearby hospitals. One would run between Enos Park and St. John’s Hospital, and the other between Gehrmann Park and Memorial Medical Center. Combs hopes the walking tours will be ready by spring or summer, although he’s not sure how many podcasts will be operational by then. It will be possible to add podcasts or expand existing ones later, he said.

Read the full story at SJ-R.com…


Monthly Meeting Tuesday, January 10, 5:30pm at the Art Association

The Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association will hold its Membership meeting this Tuesday, January 10th, 5:30 p.m. at the Art Association, 704 North 4th Street. Ericka Holst, Curator of Collections and Historian for Edwards Place, will reveal a scandalous secret…one that erupted in the 1860s, affecting the lives of dozens of Springfield’s most prominent citizens.

Before Edwards Place was Edwards Place it was Houghan’s House, where prominent local physician Thomas Houghan lived with his wife and stepson from 1833-1843. But Thomas Houghan was concealing a previous marriage and abandoned wife. When he sold all his properties, including his home to Benjamin Edwards, his first wife still had rights to 1/3rd of all his possessions. After his death she came to collect!

It is ironic that today, almost 170 years later, as the Enos Park Development LLC is acquiring property as part of its land banking efforts for the Enos Park Master Plan, we are confronted by property with multiple liens and lost owners. We have pointed to Edwards Place as the beacon for Enos Park’s historic past and now we find we are living with the same problems Benjamin Edwards and his family encountered during Springfield’s earliest days.

Come join us to find out how the story ends and how Enos Park is moving forward with its revitalization program.

Following the presentation, Paula Zink, Housing inspector, and Ryan Irwin, Neighborhood Police Office will bring the membership up to date on a major drug bust and efforts to eliminate a number of serious code violations. Refreshments will be served.

Important: We have changed the time and location for this meeting to 5:30 p.m. at the Art Association

Monthly Meeting Tuesday, Nov 8, 7pm

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, November 8, we will host our membership meeting, 7 p.m., in the Assisi conference room of St. John’s Hospital.

Karen Lee, Executive Director, SIU School of Medicine Community Support Network, will be our guest speaker and discuss the Hope Springs apartment project that is currently underway on Ninth St.

The former Hardees building on Ninth St. and the blue warehouse immediately to the south have already been demolished to make way for the new Hope Springs Apartments which will consist of two buildings with a total of 36 units of supportive living for disabled individuals.

The project is being led by Linscott Park Development of Chicago in partnership with SIU School of Medicine Community Support Network. Construction of the $4.4 million dollar project is expected to wrap up by this time next year. This project, in addition to the revitalization efforts of the Enos Park Development LLC, are making major changes to the look of the neighborhood.

Come join us to find out more about these changes.