EPNIA Monthly Meeting February 12, 7pm at the NEW County Market

Gardening and Composting

Tuesday, February 12th, 7 pm
At the New County Market, Corner of N. 2nd and Carpenter
More information: 217-494-6668 or steven combs 592@comcast.net

One of the main goals of our “Clean and Green in 2013” program is to expand our support of Kumler Church’s food pantry garden. Partnering with Kumler to enhance the garden located at the Springfield Art Association will be the starting point to recruit more participants and expand the program into composting, worm farming, and practices in water retention.

We will concentrate on recruiting more families to establish individual plots to plant and maintain throughout the growing season. A part-time supervisor, hired from within the community, will assist in the initial preparation and planting of the individual gardens. Tools, seeds, plants, compost and water will be provided. The supervisor will also oversee that each family maintains the weeding and watering of their plot.

Members of the Enos Park Garden & Composting Committee will provide instruction and training on types of plants and growing practices that should be most successful for our area and climate. Each family must commit to maintaining their plot and periodically volunteer to help with a plot designated for the Kumler food pantry.

If you would like to find out more about a specific part of the program or want to apply for a plot at the garden site on North 5th Street, you can contact the following Garden & Compost Committee members. We have approximately 12 to 15 plots at the Art Association site, but are ready to prepare more sites as needed.

  • Plot assignments: Cory Blackwell, Kumler Church, 652 5241
  • Volunteer recruitment: Dawn Mobley, EPNIA Director ,572 1500
  • Plant types & techniques: Chrissy Becker, EPNIA member, 658 2612
  • Composting: Jack Kriel, EPNIA Director, 546 5157

Meet these and other members of our Clean Green Program at the Tuesday, February 12th membership meeting at 7 p.m. The new County Market store at North 2nd Street and Carpenter will host our meeting, and you will be provided a tour of the new facility. Refreshments will be served. The public is invited.

You don’t need a Green Thumb to participate!