Support our police patrols

The EPNIA Board of Directors is working diligently to not only rebuild homes in our neighborhood but also rebuild confidence among our residents. We are not only working to repair our streets, but also the systems of communication. We are not only restoring life to a historic neighborhood, but also to trust and friendship with one another. We are working hard to keep our neighborhood a safe and attractive place for all of us to live!

These efforts require partnerships of all different kinds. We are incredibly thankful for the strong working relationship we have with the City of Springfield, including the Springfield Police Department, as well as MANY neighborhood and community partners.

Last year, the EPNIA Board decided to hire off-duty police officers for special patrols in Enos Park once a month. This allows us to focus on particular areas where we may be getting complaints from neighbors or we know that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. While officers are typically dispatched from call to call and may be limited on how much time they can spend in one area, hiring two officers for a separate four hour shift allows us to concentrate on specific needs in the neighborhood without the officers having to move on to another call for service

These patrols have provided numerous contacts with residents, undercover investigations, follow up on information provided by neighbors and led to a number of arrests and tickets for city ordinance violations. Due to the success of the patrols and the increased activity that takes place during the summer months, we are now hiring officers for weekly patrols. Our cost for providing this service is $25/hour per officer, which means EPNIA is now spending $200 weekly instead of monthly.

Noonan’s True Value has generously offered to sponsor one patrol every month to help offset our costs. As a neighbor or friend, we are asking you to please consider how you can also contribute to keeping our neighborhood a safe place to live. Would you be willing to make a $25 contribution to fund one hour of additional police presence in our neighborhood? Or if you are able to do more, please consider pledging $25/mo. towards this program.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support and your help in making Enos Park the “Jewel of Springfield” once again. If you have questions, suggestions, or ideas, please contact me at

Mail your contribution to:

1015 N. 7th St.
Springfield, IL 62702=20