819 N 8th

Names of family members: Keshia Dotson and Stephen Barbee

Occupation(s): Adult Programs Coordinator at Rochester Library and Parts Specialist at O’Rielly Auto Parts

When did you move to Enos Park? We just bought our house in March 2017 so we haven’t gotten the chance to move in yet! We purchased a distressed house from Enos Park Development, the neighborhood land bank.

Was your house move in ready? No, it is definitely not move in ready! We have just begun the demolition process.

What drew you to the neighborhood? We loved the idea of getting into an “up and coming” neighborhood. We truly believe in what the EPNIA is trying to do with the area and wanted to be a part of their mission. We also intend to eventually start a family and wanted to be able to raise children in a neighborhood where everyone knows your name, which can be hard to come by in Springfield.

Did you do any of the work yourself? We are doing the majority of the work ourselves, but we find that very rewarding we are looking forward to making it exactly how we like it and being able to sit back when it is done and say “we created our home.”

What’s your favorite thing about living in Enos Park? We love seeing all the houses change drastically as they undergo the renovations, it is exciting to be a part of completely restoring an entire neighborhood!

Any advice for someone contemplating a move to the neighborhood and/or a renovation project? The neighborhood is just so wonderful and welcoming, and the more great people we have move in the better it will become for the future!

Follow our progress on our blog, http://barbeedreamhouse.com/