Are you in the market for a house?

Enos Park encourages anyone in the market for a new home to consider our neighborhood. Whether you are a single professional or a large family, we have existing housing stock ranging from bungalows to turn-of-the-century mansions. We also have land available for anyone interested in building a new home that will blend with the historic neighborhood. The housing prices are among the most affordable in the city, and the character and quality of these homes will amaze you.

For those interested in “sweat equity,” there are many properties still in need of renovation that you can make your own. In addition to houses that may be available through private sellers, Enos Park Development has a land bank of distressed houses that are sold at nominal cost to people who will commit to renovating them according to our design standards and making them single-family, owner occupied homes. You can do the work yourself or hire it out, as long as you can demonstrate an ability to follow through with the project.

If you prefer your home to be move-in ready, there are also many properties that have already been renovated.

Are you a contractor or builder?

As the Master Plan moves into Phase II, Enos Park Development, LLC is seeking contractors and builders to partner with us. We have big plans for the neighborhood, and we need skilled trades for both rehab work and new construction who are interested in urban revitalization. We will provide the design standards and zoning overlays as well as the market research.  Find out how our team of nationally recognized consultants, combined with your construction expertise, can lead to something much bigger than just another subdivision!  Contact Michelle Ownbey at 217-553-4629 for more information.