Enos Park Success in Cleaning up Problem Properties

Congratulations to Enos Park for their recent success using direct legal action against problem property owners living within 1200 feet of Enos Park LLC properties!

The lawsuits were filed in mid-August, under a section of the Illinois Municipal Code that gives property owners the right to seek legal remedies if a property within 1,200 feet – almost a quarter of a mile – of their own property is in violation of state law or local ordinances.

Read the full story at http://illinoistimes.com/article-14639-blight-patrol.html…

Find out more about the state ordinance that allows direct civil action against a problem property (in violation of state or local ordinances) within 1,200 feet of a property you own at http://springfieldicon.org/news/problem-properties-direct-civil-action/