Deconstruction vs. Demolition – EPNIA January 2013 Monthly Meeting Tuesday, Jan 8, 7pm

Guest Speakers

Tom Napier, Karen Jacobs, Barry Jacobs, and Joe and Rebecca Dobbs
Chris Becker will update us on the progress with the architectural salvage store efforts.

Tuesday, January 8th, 7 pm
Assisi Room—St. John’s Hospital
More information: 217-494-6668

We have a great program for you Tuesday, Jan. 8th, at St. John’s Hospital, Assisi Conference Room, 7 p.m. As part of our theme for the coming year “Enos Park is going to be Clean and Green in 2013”, we have invited Tom Napier, President of the Building Materials Reuse Association, to explain “deconstruction” and how the neighborhood might adopt this approach in removing vacant and blighted property.

We currently have seven houses ready to be removed by the city over the next two months. We have already salvaged items we feel can be reused for renovation projects in the neighborhood but are considering the more expanded approach of trying to save the majority of all building materials.

In addition to Tom, we have invited Karen and Barry Jacobs, who are interested in creating a city wide movement of deconstruction, and our own neighborhood “deconstruction team”, Joe and Rebecca Dobbs, who stick by stick and brick by brick removed a vacant house next to theirs on North 8th Street (refer to their Facebook site, “Deconstructing 925”).

We’ll also have our newest Board member, Chris Becker, bring us up to date on the salvaging efforts he has undertaken on behalf of the Enos Park Development LLC as part of our Master Plan.

The January Banner identifies 10 goals for the coming year which all relate to our bigger theme, Clean and Green in 2013. We hope you’ll join us Tuesday night to find out more about these projects and how you can participate.

Please take a few minutes to visit two websites about deconstruction you may find interesting: