December 9, 2014 Membership Meeting

Cookies & Conversation!

This is an important time to make decisions for the coming year as well as a chance to socialize with your neighbors and celebrate the many successes we’ve had this year.

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m., December 9, 2014, at Third Presbyterian Church. Childcare will be provided.

Our December membership meeting will be our annual “Cookies and Conversation,” everyone is asked to bring a plate of Christmas cookies or other treats to share. We will be making plans for 2015 and asking people to sign up for the team they would be most interested in serving on.

In addition, we will be holding our annual elections for 2015 officers and directors. For the first time, we have more people interested in serving on the board than we have board positions, which to me is a great sign that people are excited and enthusiastic about the work that we’re doing. All dues paying members are eligible to vote, and they will receive a letter in the mail ahead of time informing them of the election with a brief biography for each candidate. Here is the list of people who have expressed an interest in serving next year.

EPNIA 2015 Officers & Directors

Officers (Choose 4)
Michelle Higginbotham, President
Dawn Mobley, Vice President
Linda Maier, Treasurer
Amber Rigor, Secretary

Directors (Choose 8)
Chris Becker, Director
Jane Buis-Henry, Director
Steve Hughes, Director
Fletcher Farrar, Director
Jack Kriel, Director
Cynthia Mehl, Director
Colin Phillips, Director
Calvin Pitts, Director
Danyel Pitts, Director
Marcus Stewart, Director

Past President (Appointed)
Owen Anderson, Director

Executive Director (Appointed)
Marilyn Piland, Executive Director

Associate Members (2) (Non-voting, Appointed)
Bill Barton, Rochester Christian Church
Betsy Dollar, Executive Director Art Association.