Allied Waste Partnership

EPNIA is excited to announce a partnership with Allied Waste that we believe will help clean up the neighborhood. Allied is offering three months of free service to new customers as well as a month of free service to existing customers for each new referral (up to three months free).

In addition, Allied will provide two dumpsters on a permanent basis for EPNIA’s use to dispose of large items. This will enable us to quickly get rid of items when fly dumping occurs instead of having to report it to the city and wait for them to have the available manpower for clean up.

Allied will also offer construction dumpsters at discounted rates for homeowners who are rehabbing houses in the neighborhood.

Service through Allied is $39.75 for three months which includes a 65 gallon trash container and 95 gallon recycling container. Allied provides wheeled carts and offers single stream recycling, meaning everything can go into the cart without being sorted. If you are interested in signing up for service, contact Carmen Sell at 217-391-0641 or and mention Enos Park.

Story in the SJ-R:

Enos Park neighborhood group partnering with trash hauler for pickup program

By Dan Petrella
Staff Writer
Posted Apr. 2, 2014

…“We just want the garbage picked up. It’s that basic,” said [Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association president Michelle] Higginbotham, who noted that trash pickup has been an issue at least since she moved to Springfield more than a decade ago. “If we need to go to a single hauler to be able to accomplish that in our neighborhood, then that’s what we’ll do.”…

…“The neighborhood associations are taking their quality of life into their own hands,” [Alderman Cory] Jobe said. “I applaud their efforts.”…

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