January 11 Meeting

The next EPNIA meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 11 at 7 p.m. Guest speakers will be Bob Gray and Bill Logan, Co-Chairs of the Citizens Club of Springfield. They are spearheading efforts for an East Springfield redevelopment plan and have been closely following our master planning efforts and working with us to lobby for revitalization of the older neighborhoods.

Steve Combs

Steve Combs
EPNIA President

The monthly EPNIA meetings are now held in the Assisi Conference room at St. John’s Hospital (please note the change of location). You can enter from Ninth street near Carpenter or from the Carpenter Street side. The Assisi Conference Room is right next to the library in the Main part of the hospital, NOT in the Carol Jo Vecchi Women and Children’s Center. When leaving the parking garage, turn right (west) to the Main entry, instead of left (east) to the Children’s Center. As you enter the Main entrance go down the hall to the elevators and turn right. Go to the end of that hall and make a slight jog (left then right) and go past the library. Assisi is on the left hand side of the hall and is clearly marked. There will be signs marking the way once you enter the hospital.

Monthly Association meeting dates are on the second Tuesday of every month. Meetings start promptly at 7 p.m.and last about one and a half hours.

Meetings typically begin with a Treasurer’s Report, President’s Report, Police Report/Neighborhood Watch Report, Public Works/Housing Inspector Report and then a guest speaker for the evening, an open discussion session, and finally a 50/50 drawing.

We hope to see you there!