Enos Park LLC

Enos Park Development, LLC was created in August 2010 to implement one of the initial recommendations of the Master Plan. Because the LLC is controlled by the Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association, it is also regarded as a 501(c)3 entity, which recognizes the not-for-profit nature of the organization.

The creation of the LLC enables the Association to accept donations of property, and the hope is that an owner of a boarded house or vacant lot who is tired of the upkeep and expense will donate the property to the Association, which will in turn maintain it. In some cases, if properties are burdened with liens, back taxes, or other financial obligations the LLC will work with the owner to satisfy liens in order to gain clear title. The LLC has retained an attorney and title company for this purpose, and will pay for the services necessary to clear the title as well as closing costs. If you have a property within the boundaries of Enos Park that you no longer wish to own, contact Michelle Ownbey at 217-553-4629 or Linda Maier at 217-971-9138 for more information.