Support Rail Consolidation on 10th Street

Tell IDOT You Support Alternative 2A – consolidate the 3rd Street (Union Pacific) corridor onto the 10th Street corridor !

Public comments are being accepted until August 20.
You can copy the sample letter provided by the Chamber of Commerce (see below) or create your own.
If you use the sample letter, please replace parts of the letter with  your own information.

Email electronic comments

Mail postal letters to:

Mr. Joseph E. Shacter
Director, Division of Public and Intermodal
Illinois Department of Transportation
100 West Randolph Street, Suite 6–600
Chicago, Illinois 60601

Sample letter

Dear Mr. Shacter:

{ Organization or “I” } support(s) Alternative 2A for the Tier 2 Springfield Rail Improvements Project. {We or I} applaud IDOT’s recommendation and believe this alternative is in the best interest of Springfield. The recommendation to consolidate the 3rd Street (Union Pacific) corridor onto the 10th Street corridor will make our community safer, better connected, and more prosperous.

There are numerous reasons why Alternative 2A is the preferred alternative for Springfield. The safety improvements alone are critical to our community’s residents and visitors because the proposed plan will significantly reduce the number of vehicle collisions by providing nine new grade separations. This will also make travel improvements by reducing vehicle delays.

The additional economic development implications of Alternative 2A are important for Springfield. Removal of the 3rd Street tracks will allow for increased investment that will grow our Medical District and create construction and high-wage professional jobs.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide comment on this important issue in our community.


{ Your name and contact information }