Partnering with the Springfield Police Department

To Enos Park Residents and Friends

We are celebrating 17 years of partnering with the Springfield Police Department. It started in 1996 with the formation of the Neighborhood Police Officer Program (NPO).

Since then we have worked together in a variety of programs. Today we hosted our third Landlord Support Group Seminar which included all of the city’s NPOs, in addition to a city housing inspector, representative from the County Clerk’s office and Michael Durr, an attorney specializing in landlord tenant relations.

We have also initiated an Enos Park Police Officer Resident Program and are renovating one of our LLC properties to provide to a police offer, rent free, in exchange for neighborhood service hours.

In April the Off Duty Police Patrols were able to identify and arrest two burglars during stops they had made in Enos Park while on off duty patrols. This represented the 9th & 10th arrest made by the officers as they concentrated on Enos Park.

Eliminating bad behavior is going hand in hand with eliminating blighted property.


In late July there will be a huge renovation project on McClernand Elementary School. Join us next Tuesday, May 14th, 7 p.m. to find out about the $250,000 project involving 1000 volunteers. Representatives from the West Side Christian Church, who are organizing the project, will be our guest at the May membership meeting. Find out what’s happening and how it will affect Enos Park. Read more…



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P.S. Attached is the May Banner featuring the goals and projects initiated by EPNIA during the first four months of the new year.