Now is the Time to Clean Up and Green Up!

An early spring means it’s already time to start thinking about those outside projects that you’ve been intending to take care of, and EPNIA wants to help. We are using our Master Plan when promoting our ideas for revitalizing the neighborhood, and we want to entice developers and builders to consider projects in Enos Park as part of a large-scale redevelopment effort. More than ever, now is the time to “clean up and green up” the area so that developers will see the potential in our neighborhood. In addition to attracting new construction, we want to be sure that existing homeowners have pride of ownership in their properties and see the number of properties being improved reach a critical mass.

So if you have been planning to paint your house or landscape your front yard, now is the time! Perhaps you’ve been thinking about redoing your front porch or removing aluminum siding to more closely restore the house to its original appearance. Maybe your foundation needs to be tuck pointed or you have a concrete driveway that should be replaced. If you will commit to undertaking your project this year, the EPNIA will provide a matching grant of up to $500, and additional incentives include:

  • Sherwin Williams is offering15% discounts on paint and will also provide color consultations and “how to” advice for property owners interested in painting the exteriors of their homes.
  • If your project will require a permit from the city, you can receive a sales tax exemption letter for the purchase of your materials.

To participate, simply complete the brief application which can be found in the Banner or online at Join us in cleaning up and greening up Enos Park this year!

The Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association (EPNIA) will provide matching funds, up to $500, to homeowners who undertake a project to improve the appearance of their property. The process is simple:


  • Must be an owner-occupied home within the boundaries of Enos Park and a dues paying member of EPNIA.
  • Grants will be awarded only for exterior improvements and/or landscaping.
  • Proposed project must be compatible with the design guidelines and uses outlined in the Master Plan.
  • Must complete the work by 11/30/13 and submit receipts for reimbursement by 12/31/13. The project must be approved PRIOR to beginning work and/or requesting reimbursement.
  • Past grant recipients are not eligible to apply again at this time.

Application Process

  1. Complete the attached form providing details of your proposed project. The EPNIA will review your proposal and notify you within 10 days if your project has been approved.
  2. Complete your project; you may do the work yourself or use hired help. Both materials and labor are eligible for reimbursement through the grant program.
  3. Submit your receipts and a before and after picture of your improvements to the EPNIA. You will be reimbursed for 50% of the total project cost, up to $500.

Download the application form…