EPNIA Monthly Meeting for July

The monthly meeting will be at St. John’s Hospital in the Assisi Room at 7pm.

To Enos Park Members and Friends
What a year it’s been! Half way through and we have a ton of projects already completed!

Tuesday, July 10th, 7 p.m. in the Assisi Conference Center of St. John’s Hospital we’ll review some of these projects. It’ll be a real “smorgasbord” of ideas and information.

Starting with the approved exterior design standards for the new Habitat for Humanity home to be built on the two lots at 1137-1139 North 5th Street, we’ll review the architect’s rendition for a Colonial style duplex. This new construction will complement the look of the two surrounding homes on that block. Final color schemes have yet to be selected by the new home owners from the Enos Park exterior color palette.

We’ll also show some of the 34 podcast prepared by students from Robert Morris University for the four historic walking tours in the neighborhood.. Each walk features from 10 to 15 homes identified in the Fever River Research as potential Historic Register or City Landmark properties. Bring your smart phones to guide you through the tour!

We’ll finish with a review of charts and forms prepared by the RMU students to help organize and categorize all of the LLC properties. Salvageable items have been identified from properties we plan to demolish, Fever River Research results have been digitalized, LLC properties have been identified on digital maps of the neighborhood, and all legal documents, tax ID numbers, ordinances, contracts, and HUD records have been placed in a digital Drop Box for easy exchange and efficiency.

Come join us and find out more about the administrative operation of the Enos Park Development LLC in its efforts to revitalize the neighborhood!