Enos Park Before and After Home Tour 2013

On Saturday, Oct. 5, Enos Park held its annual Home Tour. The public was invited to see rehabbed homes and homes are available for low cost to owners who will fix them.

It was Great!

Over 200 guest visited 14 houses and the LLC’s police officer’s home and Architectural Salvage Shop.

We’re excited to report that a great deal of feedback was as much about our new neighbors, the Urban Pioneers, as it was about what they have done to their homes.

In addition to a successful Tour, Enos Park received a tremendous amount of media coverage.
Read the feature article in the Illinois Times with pictures of many of our new families.
Read the story at the SJ-R…
SJR Editorial Board: Our Opinion: Future of Enos Park neighborhood still in good hands…

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Steve Combs