City Announces Funding from Illinois Housing Development Authority

The Office of Public Works, in partnership with The Springfield Project and Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association, was selected for Round 1 funding under the Blight Reduction Program from the Illinois Housing Development Authority. Funds totaling $280,000 will be used through not-for-profits to acquire and demolish blighted properties.

“The program complements our already aggressive approach to handling these problem properties,” Director of Public Works, Mark Mahoney said.

The Blight Reduction Program (BRP) is used to decrease preventable foreclosure and stabilize neighborhoods by supporting Illinois units of government and their not-for-profit partners as they target blighted, vacant residential properties in specific communities for demolition, greening and eventual reuse or redevelopment. BRP will complement the state-funded Abandoned Properties Program. The City received grant funds from this program in 2014. BRP will work to reduce blight for the end purpose of land reuse, repurposing and/or redevelopment that benefits the surrounding residential community and helps reduce foreclosure.

“The Springfield Project is excited about this opportunity to partner with City of Springfield and IHDA and continue our joint efforts to remove blight and revitalize the Neighborhood of Hope,” The Springfield Project Executive Director Tim Rowles said.

“The funding will allow our organization to purchase additional properties this year and target some of the most blighted houses in the neighborhood that have often been a nuisance for many years. We will be able to offer the vacant lots to developers for infill new construction, which is ultimately good for Enos Park and good for the City of Springfield as well,” EPNIA President Michelle Higginbotham said.

For more information, contact the Office of Public Works at 217.789.2255 or email,

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1055 N. 6th

Overview of the Buyers

Ryan and Dawn Mobley are married and have 5 kids. Ryan works for Habitat for Humanity and Dawn is a stay at home mom. They were interested in Enos Park because of the vision the  in wanting to restore the neighborhood and also because of the discounted house and the history. They also really enjoy the community throughout Enos Park.

History of the house

The house is Victorian style early 1900’s. It is around 3,000 square feet and has 3 floors and a basement.

What they’ve done…

Ryan and Dawn are doing the renovating themselves and also hiring electricians and other people to help out with the process. They said the biggest challenge is staying on budget.

1) Giant Sliding Door- this door separates the living room from the spare room. But by opening this door it connects the two rooms.

2) Fireplace- older style fireplace, shows the historical presence in the house. Its located in the dining room off the kitchen.

3) Staircase- classic, wrap around staircase with 40 total steps from bottom to top floor.

Ryan and Dawn are very happy with the house and excited to finish the renovations. Expected finish- Summer 2013!!

Enjoy Photos!




Enjoy photos!!

906 N.5th

Overview of the Buyers

Jermaine Ward and his girlfriend April wanted to live in an historic neighborhood and found Enos Park through the local newspaper. They are both from Sparta, Illinois. Jermaine’s occupation is construction and his girlfriend April is a CNA at a hospital. He said one of the main reasons he picked Enos Park to live in was that he liked the neighborhood and all of the big houses.

History of the house

Jermaine said that the house was originally a group home at one time and he said the style of the house was Victorian 1800’s. The house is 2,300 square feet.

What they’ve done…

Jermaine and April have been doing primarily all of the construction and renovations to the house while working along with the city.

1) Waterfall- as you walk into the home. It is run off of recycled water.

2) Master bed/bath- They have re-tiled the floor and the tub area and added new sinks and has a walk-in shower. Also added a new sink and lighting.

3) Kitchen- They have added new ceiling and floor tiles, new cabinets and appliances, lights and counter top.


Jermaine and April are very happy with the progress of the house and are expecting renovation completion Summer 2013!!


Enjoy photos!!

New section on website – Highlights from the Neighborhood

Welcome to Robert Morris student Troy Minton, who is interning with the Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association.  Troy will follow up with some of our “urban pioneers” who have purchased homes from us, chronicling the progress with the story of each buyer, their motivation to invest in Enos Park and before and after photos.

Please check back soon for highlights from Troy and our “urban pioneers”.