About The Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association

The Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association was formed in 1989 by a group of concerned citizens living within the area bounded by North 3rd street (west), North 9th street (east), North Grand Avenue (north), and Carpenter Street (south) in Springfield, Illinois. Here is a diagram of the Enos Park Historic Area as it is represented today (highlighted in blue), along with the medical district boundaries (highlighted in green). As you can see, we truly are the heart of the Mid-Illinois Medical District.

Enos Park area

Our Association is dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of the neighborhood as we seek to restore Enos Park to the “Jewel of Springfield,” as the area was known at the turn of the century. Several neighborhood residents have taken pro-active roles in upgrading the look and feel of our neighborhood by restoring their homes to their nineteenth century charms.   Residents and some private investors are purchasing homes and buildings in Enos Park and infusing funds back into our historic neighborhood to bring it back, one house at a time!

We also have an all-volunteer Safety and Security Team that walks and drives the streets of the Enos Park area to ensure the safety of all of its residents.  The patrol works closely with the Springfield Police Department and our Neighborhood Police Officer to prevent crime by being a visible presence on the streets and reporting all suspicious activities. The Association also participates in the Adopt-A-Street program and coordinates neighborhood cleanups every spring and fall with the city’s Department of Public Works.

The Enos Park neighborhood is home to a diverse mix of ages and races, which adds to its cultural flavor.  It is not uncommon to see neighbors sitting on their porches or chatting with friends who stroll by.  The area has beautiful homes that date well back to the early 1800’s.  The streets are tree lined and there are two wonderful parks in the neighborhood, Gehrmann Park on 3rd street and Enos Park at 7th and Enterprise. The street lights and pedestrian lights along the 5th and 6th St. corridors have been replaced with same type of historic lights used downtown. The antique lighting is not only more in keeping with the character of the neighborhood, but also provides a visual link for tourists and others traveling to and from the downtown area.

All Enos park residents can receive the Banner, a newsletter that pertains to the area and recent news that impacts the neighborhood; a PDF copy can be found on our newsletter page.  Events of the Enos Park area include: spring and fall neighborhood clean-ups, a summer ice cream social, Rock the Block, hosting National Night Out for all the north end neighborhoods, Annual Enos Park Home TourEdwards Place Art Fair, Trunk or Treat, and various other events.

We have one grade school in the area, a neighborhood restaurant, several grocery stores and pharmacies, auto repair and service centers, auto supply stores, and banking facilities all within walking distance of our homes. We are also a short walk or drive from historic downtown Springfield, which has many unique restaurants and shops as well as the Abraham Lincoln tourism sites.

We also have two of the finest hospitals in the state of Illinois, St. John’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Center.  The Mid-Illinois Medical District was created in 2002, making it one of only three medical districts statewide. This has led to several projects already, such as the building of an annex of Springfield Clinic and SIU School of Medicine has constructed the SimmonsCooper Cancer Institute. In addition, the Prairie Diagnostic Center is a first of its kind cooperative enterprise between Prairie Cardiovascular, Memorial Medical Center, and St. John’s Hospital.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Mid-Illinois Medical District check out Springfield Medical District’s website.

We have our monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at Third Presbyterian Church (7th & Bergen).  Once you enter the lobby there will be signs posted to help you find the way.  Hope to see all of you there!

Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association

Board Members for 2022

Caleb Payne, President 309-270-8240, info@epnia.com
Fletcher “Bud” Farrar, Vice President 217-523-2801
Jason Vincent, Treasurer 217-801-0244
Tiffany Lapp, Secretary 630-688-8979
Jason Baker, Director 217-741-6126
Andrew Heathwaite, Director 217-220-5867
Shannan Karrick, Director 309-696-8938
Donna Smylie, Director 217-816-4128
Dave Steward, Director 217-622-6591

Appointed Positions for 2022

Betsy Dollar, SAA 217-523-2631, Associate Member – Non-voting
Bobby McKinney, SIU Associate Member – Non-voting
Michelle Ownbey 217-553-4629, Past President

Enos Park Development

Board Members for 2022

Kirk Jefferis 217-971-2258
Linda Maier 217-971-9138
Michelle Ownbey 217-553-4629, info@epnia.com
Larry Quenette 217-414-7227

Mailing Address

Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association
PO Box 2202
Springfield, IL 62705-2202